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About Us

Hi I’m Tracey,

I spent countless hours trying to find the perfect birthday, housewarming and settlement gifts which kept resulting in generic and meaningless options. I didn’t want to give someone a photo frame that didn’t suit their home aesthetic or a book that would be shoved in the bookshelf and forgotten about, so I decided to utilise my styling expertise and create a beautiful gift box I was proud to present and that I knew my recipients would love and use.

Every hamper has been thoughtfully curated with products sourced from local businesses that have a neutral colour palette so they transition seamlessly into any home. They have also been practically selected so that they can be used while also transforming into home styling pieces to enhance your interior or living space. My main aim when creating each hamper is to select products that provide purpose and longevity to reduce waste and landfill.

For example, the books selected not only make for an amazing read but double as a stylish coffee table book. The Stoneware travel mugs can be used as intended and then transformed into a planter for your favourite succulent or a tumbler for your bathroom vanity. And the cookies, well they are a tasty treat everybody can enjoy!

I have personally assembled each gift box in beautiful packaging so it has a warm, homemade feel. Each hamper is ready to go so at the click of a button you can rest assured knowing you have a one of a kind gift being delivered that your loved ones will cherish.

I have also taken the stress out of businesses looking for corporate hampers by creating unique and practical gifting boxes which can be customised to suit your style and budget. Corporate hampers are the perfect way to show clients, staff and suppliers your appreciation and a gift from Homeware Hampers is one that will make a thoughtful, memorable and long lasting impression.

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